We offer multiple services to help you reach your healthcare goals. Whether you are seeking traditional Endocrinology visits, effective weight management, or detailed diabetes care, we can provide an array of options to help you personalize your treatment to what works best for you.



Now offering medical visits and LeanMD consultation through telemedicine. During these uncertain times for public health, our priority remains the well-being of our clients. We hope that by providing visits securely via the internet, our clients can remain safely at home without losing access to the healthcare services they need. Reach us at 720-923-7209 or click through to learn more about how telemedicine works.



Traditional Visits


Routine endocrinology office visits.

Face-to-face office visits with your provider, whenever you need them. New patient visits are 55 minutes, and follow-up visits are available in both 25 and 55 minute sessions to best serve your goals. Ample time with your provider allows for diagnosis and treatment, review of prior testing, medication and prescription management, and, most importantly, addressing all of your concerns and questions.





Medically Supported Weight Loss

What would it be like to be at your goal body weight? Would you do more activities with your family? Feel less joint pain? Take fewer medications?

Reach and maintain your goal weight with an easy-to-follow meal plan, personalized coaching with one of our mentors, and scientifically-based nutrition that can help you to overcome your barriers and achieve the health you want!



Learn Diabetes Mastery


Exclusive educational and support online community for Type 2 Diabetics

Learn everything you need to master your diabetes! Dr. Fox provides video instruction on a vast array of topics designed to give you the power to use appropriate tools to manage your diabetes, help maximize your metabolism, and take action so you make the best health decisions you can during your day.


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