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You want to live at the highest level possible, and you don’t want your health to hold you back, now or in the future. So when you seek healthcare advice, you want guidance and solutions. You want advice you can trust. You don’t want to feel rushed, confused about your condition, or leave with unanswered questions.

At The Alpine Center we put your needs and outcomes as our primary focus. We take the time to understand you, your circumstances, your desires, your frustrations, and your past experience to help you have the best assessment and treatment plan available, which matches your needs and will assist you in achieving your goals. We work with you to help you understand your current condition, including factors that you might not see or feel yet, so that you can live at your best both now and in the future.

To make your needs and outcomes our primary objective we had to change our model. Insurance regulations and restrictions, while possibly useful to help control healthcare costs, did not allow us to care for you the way we feel you deserve. 

Should you choose to come to The Alpine Center for guidance, and we hope you will, please know the following:

– We will do our very best to make your experience with us excellent. We want you to feel valued, well cared for, and understood. We aim to give you the very best guidance we can to help you reach your goals and solve your problems.

– We will give you ample time with your provider. All new patient visits are 55 minutes, and return visits are available in 25 minute and 55 minute durations to best meet your needs.

– We will match you with your preference of physician or nurse practitioner based on your preference for care. Please note we work as a team and may ask you to visit both over time so you receive the full benefit of our knowledge and experience.

– We do not accept commercial insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, or Medicaid at this time. Payment in full is due at the time of service. We will provide you with a detailed receipt (superbill) for your payment, and instructions on how to submit this to your insurance for possible reimbursement. 

– To best serve our traditional Medicare patients, we have made the decision to participate with and bill Medicare per usual (see below).

55 minutes - NP


 All New Patients
 Follow Up Patients Seeking Longer Discussion
 Anyone Seeking Longer Discussion with Provider
For new patients or those seeking more in-depth review of their medical concerns, 55 minute visits are available with Sarah Sato, Nurse Practitioner.

55 minutes - MD


 All New Patients
 Follow Up Patients Seeking Longer Discussion
 Thyroid Ultrasound, Biopsy Included as Needed
For new patients or those seeking in-depth review of their medical concerns with physician Dr. Fox, 55 minute visits are available.


25 minutes - NP


 Routine Follow Up Visits
 Diabetes Education Visits
 CGM Interpretation Visits
For patients requiring either more frequent visits or less time during your visit to discuss concerns with your provider, 25 minute visits are available with Sarah Sato, Nurse Practitioner.

25 minutes - MD


 Routine Follow Up Visits
 Follow Up Thyroid Ultrasound Visits
 Diabetes Assessment and Medication Review
For patients who require either more frequent visits or less time in each visit to discuss your health, 25 minute visits are available with our physician Dr. Fox.


For patients whose insurance is Medicare, your insurance and supplement plan will be billed as you have experienced before. Any copay or coinsurance as required by your plan will be due at the time of check-in for your visit.

New Medicare patients will be scheduled in a 55 minute visit, and follow-up Medicare patients will be offered a 25 minute slot with their provider.

We are not contracted with Medicare Advantage Programs at this time. Medicare Advantage patients may choose to be seen and pay our regular rates, listed above, at the time of service.

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