Sign up for notice regarding COVID-19 vaccine availability in Boulder County

Boulder County is rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations. At The Alpine Center, we recommend everyone be vaccinated when the vaccine is available to you.

Several of our staff have already received the first dose, with nothing worse than a sore arm, and the rest of our staff will be starting the 2-dose vaccine regimen soon.

If you live in Boulder County, you may sign up to be notified when the vaccine is available here:

Here's to the end of the pandemic in 2021!


Dr. Topher Fox

Dr. Christopher Fox I am a board-certified endocrinologist in Superior, CO, and I have been in private practice since 2003. People I work with achieve success when they learn all the ingredients of healthy lifestyle and the system to consistently follow through on good intentions. I use my knowledge of endocrine science, psychology, neuroscience, and human behavior to help people make meaningful, lasting changes in their health that they can sustain long-term. I help people become the hero in their own life.

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